Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Dreaded Car Page

Our second assignment for Environments, Props, and Structures class covered automobiles--- a scary thought. Each assignment is a big challenge for me, but I guess that's healthy and stuff.

We were given a week to compose a comic page where a character exits a building, gets in a car, and then drives off. This required a LOT of reference on my part. Below are some helpful photos I snapped...photos of a car that did not belong to me. My apologies to whoever actually owns this BMW. I hope you're a fellow art student and understand that I just needed to gather some reference.

Originally, I had planned on drawing Pulaski House, a dorm at my college. The exiting sequence was hard to compose because the Pulaski stairways are a little wonky. I went with another structure, a house that was more simple and intuitive. To whomever may be the owner of this house, I'm sorry for being such a weirdo and standing in your yard and taking photos.

This was a struggle, but I think the page came together nicely. See for yourself.


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