Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Secret of Isis

As a kid, I missed out on the whole Sailor Moon craze. Funny to see how much a magical girl anime would have helped me through college assignments.

This past week, our class was to storyboard out a montage transformation sequence from the old TV show, The Secret of Isis. The idea was to pitch a new idea for the series intro.

So you can see what we were working with.

Using the same opening dialogue, here are the boards for my vision of a revised opening sequence.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Another Turn Around the Carousel

As I have mentioned before, my Visual Storytelling II class revolves around a single story that is revisited throughout the quarter.

This is my second take on my story "A Right Turn." I would consider the brainstorming session for this version to be simple-- I was able to implement many of my unused ideas from my last set.

Overall, I am happy with the drastic differences of this set, but I am afraid my craftsmanship gets a bit shoddy near the end. Due to some tight deadlines, I was unable to put the polish into these pages that I had really wanted.

But I take comfort in the fact that I completed this assignment on time and in full.



Sunday, October 20, 2013

Ad Comps: Clorox Toilet Wand

Getting my Don Draper on delving into the world of advertising.

Our class was assigned random household products (via drawing from a hat) and my product was the Clorox Toilet Wand. From there we had to draw up 12 Ad Comp boards for a quick TV spot. This assignment focused on telling a story through these aspects of advertisement: humor, quality of product, sex appeal, or celebrity endorsement.

So for a potty product--- I think smiles and customer satisfaction would make a sale. I wanted to do a cute little narrative about some bathroom bacteria.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Star Wars Episode VII

I've never been much for drawing a fight sequence. This was excellent practice!

For this storyboarding assignment, we were to draw out a 25board Star Wars lightsaber duel sequence.

My jedi and sith are some pretty strange aliens. I am not entirely familiar with the Star Wars universe, so I made do with some icons and motifs. Wolbec is whatever kind of creature that Kit guy was. Celeste is my own design, meant to mimic Queen Amidala's headdress.



Critiques today indicated that some of my actions were unclear. When I meant for snow to have dropped down on Wolbec, it really just looked like he exploded. Woops.

Next time. Next time.