Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Roller Derby

I'd never been to a roller derby game before, so this was an awesome excuse to go. Our class went to see the Savannah Derby Devils play and then designed our own roller derby babes. The final assignment would include a character concept, a tshirt design, and a mock poster.

It's October and I had some spooky stuff on the brain. Here's my Day of the Dead darling:



Character Concept

T-shirt Design

Event Poster

This project was overall successful. I received a lot of praise for my hand lettering! The class's biggest suggestion was to change the roses on her knees and elbows to LITERAL pads with flower decal. This added more balance to the spot black of the character as well as strengthened her readability.

The second-to-last project is complete. Finals week fiascos are on their way, I'm sure.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Nick Jr. Character Design Competition

I'm not entirely sure this contest was SCAD-exclusive, but it was brought to our attention recently that Nickelodeon was having a character design competition.

The guidelines were very vague. The only real rule was to design 1-3 characters that would appeal to preschoolers.

We'll see if they ever contact us. Hmmm.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

New World Warp

We've done our share of five-angle turnarounds, but now it was time to complete a five-stage character transformation sequence. The assignment was to design a character and morph it into its opposite. We were to take into consideration things like opposite body types and costuming.

This assignment took a little time to get going. I find it really easy to slither back into my same old categories of interest and not explore something new. For instance, it took everything in me not to do something nautical. I have a habit of always drawing something aquatic when all else fails.

So what did I decide on instead? A Spanish conquistador and an Aztec warrior.



The class felt that the third stage of my transformation was inconsistent. I mistakenly gave him muscular arms when earlier i had shown them much thinner. Also, it was brought up that he could shrink more inside his armor and have an inbetween stage helmet. This is how I fixed it:


I am really excited to add this image to my portfolio.

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Hard to believe the quarter is already half way over! Several of my digital coloring assignments were due by midterm, and here they are.

From Blankets by Craig Thompson

From Blankets by Craig Thompson

Page one of my personal comic from this summer

Page one of my personal comic from this summer

2.5 Hour in-class midterm

Not a lot to say about these. Pretty self-explanatory. It is really nice to have two page of my own artwork fully colored!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Adventure Time!

I'm pretty sure this assignment was a class-wide favorite. Given an Adventure Time submissions packet (it was a little outdated), the project was to design three characters and then put together 60+ storyboards of our own Adventure Time short.

One character had to be a garbage scavenger. Another one collected plants. And the third character was solely designed on the strange phrase "a golden pig armed beast with intestines falling out." Sounds weird. But here's what I came up with.



Golden, Pig-Armed Beast (with intestines falling out)

Plant Scavenger

Garbage Scavenger, "Pawlina"

"Pawlina" Character Turnaround

As for the storyboards...
The submissions packet gave a vague storyline in which Finn and Jake spar with weapons and Finn is coaxed into revealing his feelings for Princess Bubblegum. Everyone had their own interpretations, and lucky you! You get to see mine (and hear my voice, uh-oh).

The critique went well. My characters seemed to fit the universe of the TV show and people got a laugh out of my boards. If I could have done anything differently, I would have handled the environments in my storyboards with more care. That and fixed the goofy zooms and pans.

Fun stuff though. Enjoy.

I had some requests to post the individual images of boards, and not just the animatic. Here they are!