Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Brave Foot Forward

Our Environments, Props, & Structures class tackled a cityscape with this week's assignment. Using reference from either a local or other real-life location, we were to create a one page story in which a character exits a building with a drink in their hand and encounters a man in a banana suit.

Hey. I'm not the one who wrote the script.

Here's some photos I snapped on Broughton street.

The easiest storyline I could think of for my one-pager was a pretty token trope-- a guy makes a fool out of himself in front of a lady he is trying to impress. In my story, a guy exists a store on the street and notices a guy in banana suit is harassing a young woman. The banana suit guy is handing out fliers for a frozen banana stand down the the street---and he wont leave this chick alone. So our hero bravely intervenes, but as he steps in to ward the guy off, he slips on a banana peel and spills his fruit smoothie on the both of them.




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