Monday, December 31, 2012


I've been very busy over winter break. I revisited some perspective drawing exercises and worked on a set of storyboards. There hasn't been an update for awhile, but I can assure you I've kept occupied.

Here is a personal storyboarding project in which an aquarium employee struggles to catch the eye of a pretty girl. I spent the majority of December working on these.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Fall Finale

The first quarter of my junior year at SCAD is already over. That went by a little too quickly!

Here is the last set of assignments for my digital coloring & lettering class. Original artwork is not mine, except for the bottom two images.

Will to Power




Page three of my personal comic

Page three of my personal comic

This was a pretty interesting course. I found preparing images for print to be the most helpful part of the class.

Let winter break begin.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Street Sharks Reboot

Hard to believe I would ever be asked to do fanfiction for a college assignment. Well that's what this was in a sense.

Our final project for character design & storyboarding class was to reboot an old, forgotten cartoon from the 90s and pitch it to the class. The contents of the pitch included at least three redesigned characters, a character turnaround, an environment, a sheet of one character's facial expressions, a costume change for one character, and a fully-storyboarded opening sequence.

Maybe you guys remember Street Sharks?

While I really did enjoy this cartoon when I was growing up, it's easy to see how dated it is. So for my final, I gave Street Sharks a new spin. Check it out:

This is my favorite assignment I've had at SCAD so far. No doubt that this will make an interesting addition to my portfolio.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Roller Derby

I'd never been to a roller derby game before, so this was an awesome excuse to go. Our class went to see the Savannah Derby Devils play and then designed our own roller derby babes. The final assignment would include a character concept, a tshirt design, and a mock poster.

It's October and I had some spooky stuff on the brain. Here's my Day of the Dead darling:



Character Concept

T-shirt Design

Event Poster

This project was overall successful. I received a lot of praise for my hand lettering! The class's biggest suggestion was to change the roses on her knees and elbows to LITERAL pads with flower decal. This added more balance to the spot black of the character as well as strengthened her readability.

The second-to-last project is complete. Finals week fiascos are on their way, I'm sure.