Monday, April 29, 2013

Fixing a Face

A final structured assignment before we each "do our own thing" for the rest of the quarter. We were to create a portrait using both traditional and digital media.

Photo by Katie Sivits

I started off with the intention of doing a realistic drawing of a friend back home.

But it looked super stiff and boring.

So I decided to draw a caricature.

And do the linework in brush.

But as I added more texture I went overboard and it looked terrible.

So I toned it down a little bit.

Redrew most of it. Added some tones in MangaStudio...

Spent forever making textures from my brushwork....spent even longer figuring out which looked best...

And came up with this final version. Also, a color one.

It ended up not looking like Isaac at all, but I still came up with something interesting. I'm really enjoying having the chance to experiment!


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