Monday, April 22, 2013

A Beautiful Mine (Mad Men Watercolor)

This week was the calm before midterms. I'm really happy to have so much watercolor/mixed media practice this quarter! If any of you folks get the chance to take Sketchbook with Professor Gardner, do it. Seriously.

Last Monday, our class went to Colonial Cemetery (Savannah, GA) for some on-site drawing. Divided into groups of five, we each started a drawing for 20 minutes, and then had to pick up someone else's sketchbook and continue where they left off. Here is the product of 20 min intervals by 4 other of my classmates. Nice work, team!

Between then and the next class, we were to do a sketchbook entry that was anything of our choice. I decided to do a mixed media illustration of some dear friends of mine. They also happen to be wicked-talented artists, so you should check out Katie's photography and Chayce's art tumblr.

We also did some figure drawing in class I almost forgot about:

Our weekly out-of-class assignment was to illustrate 6 scenes from either a movie or a tv show. Four of these scenes were directly referenced and two of them were "alternate endings" or "scenes from our imagination." I'm in love with AMC's Mad Men. Below are illustrations from Season 5 (episodes Far Away Places and The Other Woman). They didn't quite come out as I had hoped, but I'm proud of two or three at least.

Roger and Jane, Far Away Places

Joan, The Other Woman

Ginsberg and Peggy, Far Away Places

Megan and Don, Far Away Places


Joan slaps Pete Campbell, The Other Woman

Roger decides NOT to take LSD, Far Away Places


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