Monday, September 17, 2012

Character Design & Storyboarding

Another year at SCAD has started! I'm excited to take the core classes of my junior year. Though we have barely begun, I have already picked out my favorite class: Character Design & Storyboarding.

Our first assignment was to design three characters for a video game: a hero, a minion/sidekick, and a final boss. These characters were meant to be very different and easily readable in silhouette.

In class, we did an exercise where we picked a time period, a location, and an animal at random. I ended up with ancient Mongolian nomads and a Tibetan mastiff (a very large, frightening dog).

In my game, "East", an old woman and her grandson set out to rescue one of their baby goats from the tibetan mastiff deity...thing.



This project ended successfully. These three characters translated easily into recognizable silhouettes. And the class thought my final boss was pretty nifty. So that's important too, I suppose.


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