Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bailey Bayou

We're whirlwinding through a lot of assignments in character design class lately. Our most recent project was to design a playable character for a Guitar Hero game. The character not only to totally ROCK, but also had to translate well as a character for an animated series.

A lot of really cool ideas had already been taken, so it was a struggle to come up with something original. (Visit for some previous student examples).

I wanted to avoid making a character look like a glorified version of myself-- why is that often our default? So I started with two opposites in mind-- this character was going to undoubtably be a different gender and race than my own. Here's what I came up with.


I'm a little in love with New Orleans, if you couldn't tell.


So Bailey Bayou, as he came to be, was once an alligator who turned into a human. He found some dude's hat and keytar case and then transformed into a rockstar. Two buddies of his also transformed-- one into a musical instrument and the other into a necktie.

This assignment was tons of fun. I'm also very excited to have my professor submit my design to Harmonix and get professional feedback!


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