Thursday, May 10, 2012

Horned Beasts: A Field Guide

This assignment was a little rushed. It's crunch time at SCAD.

Though the pieces did not turn out as I had planned, I am proud to say that I created everything in about a day. It was neat to push myself and found out how much I could produce in such a short amount of time.

Using graphite, ink wash, and chalk, our materials & techniques class was asked to create a field guide of three mythological creatures. Rather than group my monsters by their mythology, I made my category to be "Horned Beasts."

I selected the Wendigo of Native American folklore, the Minotaur of Greek mythology, and the Capricorn seen in astrology. A deer, a bull, and a goat.



As I said before, the time I spent on this was very brief. Had I more time, I would have redone the Capricorn page and final illustrations completely. I think they are weak and over-worked. The strongest is probably the Minotaur.

No worries though. I'm still thankful I finished on time. Punctuality and dependability is more important than skill anyway.


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