Monday, May 14, 2012

The Party Pooper

This is easily the hardest assignment I've had all year.

For Environments class, we were to draw a four page comic based on a script given in class.

The story? Six people, all well-dressed are eating in a dining room. The butler tells the host that there is a phone call for him. The host answers the phone, and on the other line is a nerdy fellow. The nerd is the bearer of some bad news, which upsets the host greatly. The host grabs his gun and shoots everyone at the party, jumps out of a window, lands in a convertible with a beautiful woman, and drives away.

I didn't want to draw everyone dying, so he has a bubble gun instead.

Not my favorite assignment, but I suppose it was a healthy challenge.




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  1. I like this~! Especially the faces and the sound effects!! :DDD Joy!