Thursday, November 10, 2011

Gallery Showing

SCAD has been fun this quarter, but it's definitely time for a much-needed break. Seven more days and I'll be home---and that means 2 weeks until my first gallery showing. I'm pretty stoked.

Art exhibits in my hometown have been very few and far between until recently. Over the summer, a summer art festival was put together in my area called Gardenstock. It was amazingly successful, and since then there have been several artist organizations developing all over our county including Second Saturdays and Fourth Fridays.

I have been lucky enough to be welcomed into the Fourth Fridays Venues & Artists community. This organization hosts large art events on the fourth Friday of every month. Visual artists have the chance to showcase their work and musicians play as people wander around through the different shops around town. It has turned into a pretty big deal. And I'm excited for my opportunity to showcase some of my work this month at Air Play Sports.

I will be showing my watercolor monster set, Kunstkammer on November 25th. I'm sure you are familiar with this project. The collection contains nine pieces that range from creepy critters to prehistoric beasts---and some animals that don't exist at all. The project originated from some summer sketchbook work that paid homage to the fantastic artist and long time idol, Alex Pardee.

"Goodnight, Lava" By Alex Pardee

My three original demons expanded into a larger project that not only explored the process of an artist I admire. It also allowed me to research some fantastic and freakish animals that roamed the earth ages ago.

This project has been a total delight and I am excited to share it with you all. You may currently view a select few of the pieces I am exhibiting on my Facebook page and Behance Gallery. Unfortunately, some of the pieces will only be available to those who attend my Fourth Fridays show later this month. You may find a few teasers here and there though. Take a look.

And make sure to come on out to Air Play Sports in two weeks! It's sure to be an amazing night.


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