Thursday, June 30, 2016

Finishlines and Goalposts

Last June, I set some major art goals. I wanted to start:
  • Uploading videos on my youtube channel
  • Hosting frequent live streams of me drawing
  • Opening up an online store
  • Connecting with more artists online
  • Drawing more fan art!

And I'm happy to say that I've advanced in all these areas. Live streaming my drawing sessions has been an immense benefit to me. I've been able to connect with other people regularly, share more of my process work, and have fun doodling.

Normally, I set my yearly goals in January, but I'll mention my 2016 hopes and dreams now. I'm happy to report that I have already accomplished many of them.
  • Finish my webcomic, Petrichor
  • Pitch my children's book
  • Pitch a new webcomic/start a new webcomic
  • Start making classes on Skillshare
  • table at 2 conventions
  • complete That SCAD Life series
  • start a Patreon
  • participate in NANOWRIMO
The year is already half-way over. Time to get to work!

Here's my monthly doodle-dump:

And here's the last video in the That SCAD Life Sequential Art video series:

July starts tomorrow and I'm so excited! Another month of Kaiju-drawing is on it's way. Get stoked.


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