Tuesday, May 31, 2016

2 Years of Petrichor!

Petrichor has been online for 2 years!

Webcomics offer such a unique audience interaction. Rather than read a book in one sitting, it's nice to travel with my readers over a long period of time. At first it may seem like slow going---why release a single page every week? One year's worth of pages can be read in minutes, after all. But there's something very special about forming a bond with readers that can span two years. A book can be forgotten weeks after it is read. An ongoing story is forgotten, remembered, re-read, and then will continue over the course of years.  And I think that's pretty groovy.

All pages of Petrichor were drawn by end of January this year. The story will be posted online in its entirety by October of this year. It's a short story to be sure, but it was a great starting point.

Remember to:
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Read Chapter 2
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Catch up on Chapter 4

Here's some daily doodles:

And some pokemon starters and fusions that I doodled up:

And make sure to watch this month's Draw Parties, The SCAD Life videos, and weekly Vlogs on my youtube channel.

That's it for this month. June will continue as normal, but I'm super stoked to draw monsters for KaiJuly! Stay tuned.


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