Friday, March 15, 2013

Horses in the Hallway

Another quarter is over! Is another year really almost gone?

Here's the grand finale of my only studio this quarter, Visual Storytelling 1. Our class was challenged to create a four-page comic in which we wake up in our dorm room late at night, grab a "weapon," and open the door to see something of our choosing.

My wonderful room mate and dear friend, Cassie (check out her blog too!), took this class previously and I remembered her assignment. At the end of her comic, she chose to open the door to a unicorn. Seeing as we share the same dorm room and had the same professor, I thought it would be funny to have my story be a continuation of hers. I wake up to realize she's not there, hear noises, and join her in the hallway with her unicorn.

Page 4/4 of Cassie's comic

So anyways, here's what I came up with:



Another aspect of this assignment was to experiment with bleed page format (panels that extend to the edges of the page). After doing our tight roughs, we were to arrange the panels in such a way that there would be at least one bleed per page. This was my first time experimenting with this, but I liked having the openness of this option.



And so ends another quarter at SCAD! Next quarter's menu includes two studio classes: Advanced Inking and Sketchbook. This will be a bit of break from storytelling, but I'm excited to build up my technique and craftsmanship.


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