Monday, February 11, 2013

Gotham by Gaslight

This is coming in a little delayed, but here is my second assignment for Visual Storytelling 1.

We were given a script from Gotham by Gaslight and had to put together one page. It's like Batman in Victorian times, I guess? Oh well. The script describes a woman being followed down an alley by a Jack-the-Ripper type of character and Batman comes to the rescue.

This is the first time I've inked in a long time. I'm still pretty clumsy, but I really want to get the hang of the nice Windsor Newton brush I bought.




I'm still an amateur with a brush, but I'll be practicing a lot more. I wasn't happy with the inks as much as the pencils. Class critiques are always helpful--- I have a lot of perspective issues to sort out as well as lighting on the planes of the face.

Really stepping outside my comfort zone this quarter and learning lots.

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  1. OOOH these are so awesome!! I love the character designs and the sort of woodcut feel going on!! And I really admire your confidence in your black placement, there's so many pure black areas but it's so easily readable and graphic. :DDDD