Thursday, November 15, 2012

Street Sharks Reboot

Hard to believe I would ever be asked to do fanfiction for a college assignment. Well that's what this was in a sense.

Our final project for character design & storyboarding class was to reboot an old, forgotten cartoon from the 90s and pitch it to the class. The contents of the pitch included at least three redesigned characters, a character turnaround, an environment, a sheet of one character's facial expressions, a costume change for one character, and a fully-storyboarded opening sequence.

Maybe you guys remember Street Sharks?

While I really did enjoy this cartoon when I was growing up, it's easy to see how dated it is. So for my final, I gave Street Sharks a new spin. Check it out:

This is my favorite assignment I've had at SCAD so far. No doubt that this will make an interesting addition to my portfolio.

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  1. i would watch this if it was a real cartoon or comic :)