Friday, August 3, 2012

Summoned Elsewhere

This past week I've been working on more than just personal projects. A very talented friend of mine wrote a screenplay and roped us all in as cast and crew. It's been a fun learning experience. I'm just a comics kid, but I spose I can plug in to any sort of visual storytelling.

Here's what my mornings have been dedicated to. Photos by Katie Sivits.

In the mornings, we filmed. I grabbed lunch and then headed over to church to help out with set design for Vacation Bible School. They've got an Olympics theme going on, so one of the things they needed were some cardboard cut-outs of cheering people. They wanted something cartoony, so I doodled these guys up.

Sorry I never got around to taking pictures of the final cut-outs. I think I sniffed too much tempera paint.


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