Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Our final comic book scripting class was to actually pitch a comic to a company. This required a script synopsis, cover letter, and concept artwork.

I submitted a pitch for a 125 graphic novel, a fun little fantasy piece for a young adult readers. Scorched is an adventure story that sources from The Divine Comedy. This post contains my concept art.

When Dante’s pet manticore abducts his mother and takes her deep underground, the boy and his mother’s suitor reluctantly team up, journey underground, and battle a series of strange beasts to get her back. 

Concept Art for the Submissions Packet:


 Extra Concept Art:

An Overly Ambitious Rendering of Dante

Dante Figure Drawings

Dante Different Hair Styles

Dante Character Sheet

Dante Expressions

Geryon the Manticore

Various Geryon and his manticore child





Early Virgil Concepts

Early Virgil Costuming

Virgil Doodles

Virgil Stocky Body Type

Virgil Expressions

Various Virgil Poses


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