Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Power Puff Girls vs the Dino Divas

Ok. Our latest storyboarding assignment covered the process of building animation boards. This differs just a little bit from film boards in that each movement must be mapped out in key frames.

So our class was given a simple script from a simple little tv show from the 90s--- any of you folks still remember the Power Puff Girls? I know I watched way too much of that junk growing up. Such a fun little cartoon. But yeah. The goal of the assignment was to do our own little take on the script and form it out in at least 60 animation storyboards.

My story? Some skanky dinosaur chicks steal bones from a museum and get pummeled for it.

Here are my final boards for the assignment. Normally, I'd include thumbnails, but there were like 140 something. Cheers.



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