Wednesday, November 30, 2016


For many years, I've watched friends and family participate in National Novel Writing Month and stood on the sidelines. I made it one of my goals in 2016 to finally give it a go--well, in a sense.

Since I am a comic creator and not a novel writer per se, I decided to spend the month of November writing a script+drawing thumbnails for a 200-page graphic novel.

And I did it! It's been an enjoyable challenge, but it's done. The whole thing is still very rough, but it's done. I plan on polishing it up little by little and producing the full book in the near future, but for now I have to keep most of it to myself. Darn. I always do this, don't I?

I'll leave you with a doodle and the logline:

"Weary from a whirlwind career of rock music and method acting, Basil Schrade wishes to exit all creative industry until he startlingly falls in love with his stunt double."

I've been very busy this month and can't share much publicly.
As far as Minus goes, I am a hair short of my 2nd milestone.

Page 50 is within reach.

And here are the (very few) other sketches I worked on this month.

One more month before we start another year!


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