Monday, February 29, 2016

Hourly Comics Day 2016

It took until 2016, but I finally participated in Hourly Comics Day. This was a great storytelling exercise. It helped me focus more on conveying the narrative rather than the quality of my drawings.

That very same week, I had a really rotten experience at my local library. Still in the spirit of hourly comics, I drew out the incident. It made me feel a lot better.

For the sake of harsh language, I have only included the first page. Click here to read the rest.

With Petrichor finished, I have turned my focus to a new comic that I will be pitching to a publishing company. I'm keeping things relatively secret for now. Here is your only teaser image:

Hint: It's about kaiju!

As far as freelancing goes, I am nearly complete with the children's book I have been working on. I'm also considering revisiting my own children's book that I made in college, Reluctant Roni. We will see.

My That SCAD Life youtube video series has been going very well. I'm going to be interviewing some film students at the start of March.

And as always, I'll end things with a February sketch dump:


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