Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Children's Critique

We've roughed out our stories for Children's Book class, so we decided to do a test-run with our target audience.

Special thanks to East Broad Street Elementary for having all of us swing by! This was tons of fun---the feedback was both hilarious and helpful.

Sitting down with kids and having them assess our stories strictly by the pictures was very eye-opening. In my story, the children easily identified my main characters, but didn't recognize the story location. Most of the kids said my story took place at school and not at summer camp. Oops.

Some other kids thought my story was about "the fat pony girl" instead of a rhino. They recognized the giraffe though!

I think we all have some adjustments to make based on these critiques. We'll make sure to let our new friends see the final products!

This class rocks my world. If you're looking for a SCAD sequential art elective, take children's book.


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